1902 Cobalt Triangular Bee Poison Bottle


Triangular 3″ rich cobalt blue Bee Poison Bottle embossed 1902 in perfect condition.


McCormick & Company 3″ poison bottle
Bee Brand Bottle, beautiful rich cobalt
embossed with a bee that exists in
both cork-top and screw-top versions.
There also are two different embossings,
one with “Patent Applied For” and the other
with “Patented July 8th 1902” which reflects
the approximate age of the bottle. A turn-
of-the-century magazine advertisement for
the KT-14 shows a cork-topped bottle (which this is) and
reveals that the product being sold was
laudanum (a solution of opium in alcohol).
The ad notes that the bottle’s cobalt color
and triangular shape “eliminates all danger
of getting hold of the wrong bottle.”  Condition is perfect.

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