2 Etienne Roth Big Eyes girls, DAC Collection




Two paintings each 9″ x 10 1/2″ signed (Etienne) Roth, oil on canvas, done in the 1960’s. Buyer pays for shipping.

In the style of “Big Eyes,” Etienne Roth was a contemporary artist born in Budapest, Hungary.  He went to Paris to study art at the  Academy of Fine Arts when he was twenty.  Always a dreamer with an inborn shyness, this gentle man developed a deep affinity for the children and young people he saw around him. He began painting the gypsy children in Paris, the teenagers in the neighborhood shops and streets. Roth always depicted them with rather sad and inquiring eyes and with a gentle reticence in their attitude.  His paintings are in private collections throughout the world.

Roth was one of Donald Bonnist’s favorite artists.

These are sold as a pair for $400.