Attributed to HK Foster, Unsigned Antique English oil, Horses Midstream, DAC Collection


Antique English original oil painting attributed to H. K. Foster. DAC titled Horses MidStream.


This unsigned antique painting measures 20″ x 30″.  The painting was identified in a DAC catalog as being attributed to E. Foster but we are attributing it to H. K. Foster.  It is a mid 19th century, British School, Highland river scene. There is a tiny paint chip at the very edge and two  old repairs as seen on the back. This subject is special. It belongs in a nice antique frame.

Little is known about the artist, H. K. Foster, but this is a good example of Victorian landscape painting. It’s a celebration of nature.  The painting was picked up with others on Donald Bonnist’s buying trips to the UK.


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