August Albo, Still-life with Grapes, Donald Art Company Collection


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This original oil on canvas is in wonderful condition. It is signed on verso. It measures 18″ x 24″.  Buyer pays for packing and shipping.

August Albo (1893 – 1963)  THIS BIO IS FROM THE HAND OF DONALD BONNIST. Born Oct. 11, 1893 in Suurupi, Estonia. Died on Dec. 13, 1963 in NY of lung cancer. (Nom de plume Edward Thomas, Rod Palmer, A. Curtis).  Albo studied commercial art at the Stieglitz Art School  (1912-1916). He then spent one year at the Russian Royal Academy in Leningrad and became a recognized artist in Moscow where he painted for the Czar. He  settled in Tallinn where he taught art. In 1922 he left Estonia for Berlin, then Paris  where he painted posters and theater scenery. He studied sculpture and produced a number of tomb monuments. Here Albo studied both violin and dance. In Paris he became sick with a lung disease, possibly TB. Once he had recuperated he traveled to Spain and then London where he worked as a theater decorator and muralist. Just before WWII he tried to return to Estonia but never reached it and was forced to stay in Berlin. Here he studied painting, particularly portraits and landscapes privately with Prof. Korbatov. After the war he moved to Oldenburg, West Germany where he was engaged as a decorator by the local Displaced Persons Theater  at which he taught ballet to children. He was also a professional violinist. He emigrated and made his home in NYC in 1951 where he displayed his work for four years at the Estonian House. Most versatile, he was originally an exponent of abstract art. Later he turned to a more traditional style of painting and excelled in landscapes, still lifes, florals and genre,  all with popular worldwide appeal. He reached his pinnacle with the outstanding success of his painting “Free as the Wind.”