Autumn Landscape signed Westal (Brightwell), DAC Collection



24″ x 60″ signed Westal (pen name for Brightwell). Buyer pays for shipping.

Biography from the Archives of askART

The following is from Terry Gardner:

Walter Brightwell, Jr., divided his life into three parts: First: From his birth in 1919 in Temple Texas, until World War II. Of this time he writes that he “lived with the family and my little circle, never traveling.” During this time he lived in Temple, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee.

Second: During World War II he entered the military and traveled to Georgia, Kansas, Washington State, New Jersey and then went on the Queen Mary to Scotland. He traveled to England, Algeria, Sicily, Italy. He made four Atlantic crossings.

Third: He studied art in New York at the Art Students League of New York.

Brightwell, Jr., did drawings and painting from a young age. For two years, prior to his military service he studied at a commercial art school in Nashville, Tennessee. Brightwell did many paintings and a number of them were issued as prints. He sometimes signed paintings “Westal” (his middle name was Estal).

He painted a good deal on military themes, in the Northeast (i.e. Maine) and he lived the last 30 years or so in Florida (he lived in Vero Beach when we corresponded). He painted much of the landscape and nature of Florida.

Addedum by Terry Gardner:

“I have a note from Brightwell’s only daughter (Nina) stating that her father was a “realist” and that his oils were all mostly the Maine coast and the Florida coast.”  She wrote me further that his watercolors were mostly Maine landscapes.  He was also a naval artist and did a number of naval scenes which were also issued as prints.  Of course his best known painting is titled, Goin’ Fishin’ and prints made from the painting sold many thousands of copies.  Matthew’s Galleries recently sold the original painting of Goin’ Fishin’.

On 3 August 1998 Walter Brightwell, Jr., wrote me that he had lived in Florida for the last 27 years. On 29 May 1998 Brightwell wrote me that he’d “made a study of light all my life.  Not just observation but books and more books on physics.  Light and color are the same thing and I’m still studying.  Light has a spiritual quality.  I was once accused of being a spiritual painter by an art critic.”