900/1000 Fine Silver Bryan Dollar of Political and Numismatic Interest


Dated 1896, this is a truly interesting piece. It is unmarked but assumed to have been made by Tiffany & Co. Please read the history on this link: http://www.so-calleddollars.com/Events/Bryan_Dollars.html

Created to be an example of comparative size of the dollar if free coinage were to rule the country. In support of William Jennings Bryan’s campaign.

This “Dollar” is UNPOLISHED with it’s original patina. The picture with the quarter makes it look polished because it’s been artificially brightened to help you read it. The back is not highlighted but appears darker than it truly is. In actuality it is tarnished silver just as the collectors want it to be. The back contains no marks or writing.

Seller will pay for sending. This item should appeal to coin and political collectors.