Complete Victorian Polychrome Cottage Swing Curtain Rods



This is a complete set for two windows including 6 pin backs (plus two not shown, same color but different design), 4 wall mounts, hardware to hang curtains. The colors are bright and there are so many ways to use these sets. Think wall decor, sign holders. If you don’t want to hang curtains, there are many highly Victorian looking pieces to go crazy with. There are four rods that extend and a different design for the left and right side of the rod. One side is twice the size as the other (see featured photo and last photo). 12″ x 8″ with a 15″ rod and an 18″ extender (approximately). We are happy to supply more photos upon request. There are so many pieces to this set. There is expected wear mostly on the tips of the roses. Buyer pays for shipping.