“The fun in selling our original art is that it mostly goes to people with fond memories of growing up with the reproduction hanging on their wall. Our paintings feel familiar because they are.”

Vivien Bonnist Cord

I have seen a reproduction of this piece in a friends home for some years now and to think I could have the original would be awesome!

– Todd (Michigan)

I received the painting today. It came undamaged and looks great. Thank You.

– Steve (Minnesota)

Wow – I can’t believe how big it is. The one hanging on my wall as a child was about 11 x 14 or so. Wow! I LOVE IT!

– Jane (Illinois)

Thanks for the note Vivien! We’ve had the reproduction of this work for a long time and are excited to own the original.

– Joseph (Minnesota)

The painting arrived just fine and I am super happy with it! It’s in great condition, I greatly appreciate the letter and all your help with this transaction. Thanks again and I will keep your website in mind for future purchases, I’ve noted a lot of lovely pieces that are for sale.

– Raine (Texas)

I was reading your testimonials page and that’s exactly how I feel.

My grandparents had a reproduction of this Spanish Market painting in their house, which I visited often while growing up. I always admired it, but I didn’t get the copy when the house was sold, so I’ve been looking online to see if another copy of it would turn up.

I never thought in a million years that the actual original would ever be available that I might purchase it.  I was beside myself when I discovered your website last weekend!

– Marcello (California)

Dear Vivien,

What is so special about this painting is that my Uncle had the print in his home for years until he just passed away and his daughter inherited the print. This painting looks so much like my uncle and that’s why my aunt bought the print. After all these years I can not believe I would be able to own the original.

The painting arrived today and I am overwhelmed with emotion, it is like you gave my uncle back to me. My Uncle Tom passed away a few months ago and what are the odds that in my search for a print I would find the original as if it was waiting for me, as if I won the lottery, so amazing to see something that old in such magnificent condition and so nice to see my Uncles face looking at me again every time I look at it, there is something special about a painting that a picture cannot do justice, I wanted to thank you your sister and brother for parting with your Fathers collection from what I read he sounded like an amazing man and brilliant entrepreneur, the joy that you guys are bringing to families is something you all should be so proud of.


Mark (California)

Still hard to believe you had that Mountain Cottage by Monetti also, that hung in our house growing up, holding out a glimmering chance to buy your Free as the Wind someday.

Chris (Oklahoma)

It has been an adventure to get the two decorative paintings, “Tending His Flock, and “Watermill” by August Albo.

“Tending His Flock” is the best impression of Jesus I have ever seen. “Watermill” reminds me of the backroads I accidently happened upon driving from Germany to France. Having these actual paintings, from the same artist, who painted our families favorite print my grandpa had is amazing!

Getting the original “Mountain Cottage”, by Monetti, was a bonus find. My mom had bought it at the green stamp store as a canvas print, and it was lost to the farm.

The original hangs proudly in my house now, the same as the canvas print did in the house I grew up in! I believe the two additional mountain scenes you are about to send were painted by Monetti also. The mountain looks identical to the one in “Mountain Cottage” and the shingles are identical on one of the cabins.

I like to think his paintings are an impression of real places.

Thanks again,

Chris (Oklahoma)

P.S. – still trying to figure out a way to buy the original of the print by August Albo “Free As the Wind” my grandpa hung on his wall all my life!

While it’s not financially smart for me to consider purchasing original art, I honestly cannot see these two paintings go to anyone else. If someone else purchases them, I will regret it for the rest of my life. I have literally been dreaming of owning the original of the girl with the flowers for over 10 years and I used to have a print of the little boy in my bathroom in college. These prints have always been very special to me and owning the originals would bring me joy on a daily basis.

Sarah (IL)

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